You know when you have one of those moments that just blow your mind?  Today has been one of those days for me.  This morning, Jennifer McGuire put a note about my YouTube channel on her Facebook page and I started getting a lot of comments and new subscribers.  I think I might have gotten forty new subscribers over night.  The comments were amazing including one from Gina K from Stamp TV who I have admired since starting watching videos.  I am thrilled she took the time to watch my haul video and comment.  I also got a comment from Jennifer McGuire.  Some days you just want to pinch yourself because things are so much fun.  I’m thrilled that other really serious YouTubers would take the time to watch one of my videos and comment.  It’s so much fun, much like the times that Lindsay has taken the time to respond to my comments to her.  I’m always amazed that she does that, considering she has so many comments and yet she still makes the time to write me a note.

Our latest conversation was about me learning to watercolor.  I’ve decided I’m going to try to do a watercolor that Lindsay recommended and I’m going to do it on video. Why not?  You know it’s not going to be good, we already know I can’t paint, but what the heck?  We’ll all get a big laugh out of my skill set and I’ll have some art to line my garbage can.  I’d love to be able to paint.  I watch her do a small drawing and my envy is so intense, I just wish I could hold the paintbrush in the positions she does.  It’s so great that she can hold her hand so still and barely have the brush touch the surface of the paper, I’m envious of that alone.  Apparently my envy is limitless when it comes to artists.  She did a drawing of an eye the other day and if you haven’t seen that video, you should.  It’s amazing.  It looks like a photograph to me.  I’m positively blown away by that kind of talent.  I realize she’s been painting all of her life, but it still just blows me away.

My senior year in college I took a pottery class and I fell in love with it, and spent every free moment in the studio making anything and everything.  I decided I would make myself a set of pottery dishes and ended up with service for eight including serving dishes, a water pitcher and everything you would need to do a full course meal.  I remember the instructor telling me she felt that I was really trying to do too much with my plan, little did she know that not only did I make the dish set, but I also made enough random pieces, that everyone I knew had a piece of my “art.”  I’m not saying I was talented, but if you ever get the chance to take a pottery class, do it, you’ll fall in love.  Of course I couldn’t make it now because of the ways you have to hold your hands, but I remember that class and I can still smell the wet clay.  It was a great experience.

Tonight Rich and I are going back to our alma mater to speak to the college seniors about life, careers, and what it takes to succeed in today’s job market.  I really enjoy speaking to the students as they are weeks away from graduating and if they don’t have jobs at this point, are starting to feel the pressure and anxiety start to build.  I also volunteer to interview each of the students to prepare them for the process and this is the kick-off to setting the schedule for interviews and the interviewing seminar that I lead before we do any interviewing.  Our students are getting jobs because most colleges don’t prepare their students for interviews or work on their resumes with them.  Can you imagine spending four years and acquiring a ton of debt and not having a job to show for it?  It’s a scary job market and I really feel for these students.  I’m really happy to help them get their jobs and love it when I hear from any of them when they get their acceptance letters.  I’m almost more excited than they are, almost.

One last note before I go.  The memory card is still missing and I think it’s time to call time of death on it…Darn it.


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