I remade the videos that were lost on the memory card that flew into another dimension and I’m asking myself, what other YouTubers lose as many videos as I do and from such freak circumstances?  Rich actually tried to recreate this event by standing where I stood and attempting to shoot the card out of the camera, and he couldn’t do it.  He said he had no idea it was even possible to do, so of course, I had to demonstrate, and I did.  It only took one try for me to (this is from my point of view, naturally,) push down gently on the memory card, and have it shoot out of the camera like a projectile.  I’m not exaggerating when I say that it probably flew four to five feet and landed somewhere (I now believe), behind my desk.  This isn’t just a desk.  It encompasses two walls and is bolded together.  I’ve even tried to make sure that nothing can fall behind it, because if it does, you’ll never be able to retrieve it. In the end, I think the memory card now lives behind that desk with, I’m sure a few hundred other important items.

It’s frustrating when I lose a card, but I almost expect to do it because I’ve lost so many.  At least the videos on it weren’t ones I couldn’t recreate, like the baby shower invitations that were adorable on the card that left the building.  Or the Mediterranean vacation photos that I luckily had just finished making a photo book through an online company, handed the card to Rich downstairs, and by the time he got upstairs, it was gone.  It had over eight hundred photographs on it, and I have to say, I did cry about that one since the book I made probably had only sixty of my favorite photos in it.  Of course there are the times when Rich says he deleted part of a video, or I delete part of a video, it just seems to happen.

Is there a curse for losing memory cards, because if there is, I’m definitely cursed.  I wish I could remember all the other things that have happened to some of our memory cards, but there are too many and it might throw me into a fit of depression.  Oh, who am I kidding, other than the time lost in looking for them and recreating the videos, it’s pretty much business as usual when videos disappear.  Such is the life of a YouTuber with serious memory card issues.  Another day, another order to Amazon for new memory cards.



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