I’ve been working on making more covered journals to send as thank you gifts to the wonderful people at Rubbernecker Stamps.  I have made four of them (but only videotaped three) and I think the last is my favorite.  I made a memo pad cover with Rubberneckers’ birch trees background stamp.  It isn’t a huge stamp but has terrific impact whenever you use it.  I used so many techniques with this project from stamping with watercolor crayons, to masking, to stamping over the watercolors with inks, to splattering paint on my end result.  I have to say that this was one of those projects that I just wasn’t sure about, but in the end, I absolutely loved it.  It’s masculine but not overly masculine and it’s portable art.  I think that’s what I like best about making covered notebooks with different stamping techniques.  The recipient ends up with something useful but also something that is really beautiful as well.

Let’s face it, I think my viewers are going to be sick of covered notebooks by the time they get to this video, but once I got started, I just couldn’t stop.  I had so much fun using Rubbernecker stamps as well as using all of the new techniques I’ve used that it’s been addicting and I just couldn’t stop.  I guess that’s the problem with being me, I never know when enough is enough and just keep going.


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