I’ve been working on a stamp layering technique and using the floral Rubbernecker stamps with it.  I think their stamps are so easy to layer once you figure out their system.  It all begins with the photo they include in their packaging. Put a piece of card stock where you want it in your MISTI and lay the photo of the stamped image on your card stock where you want your image to print.  Then lay the stamp that’s got the rough shape of the image, (not a lined image) onto the photo exactly where it lines up with the image and close the door of your MISTI on your stamp.  Next, remove the photo and ink the stamp with different colors to get a nice multi colored effect.  Stamp the image until you like the coloring, then lay the lined stamp onto your stamped image, lining it up like you did with the photo, only this time you are using what you have stamped as your guide.

It’s really very simple, just don’t throw out the photo or you’re in a world of hurt.  I made that mistake with the very first Rubbernecker layered stamp and won’t do that again.  I absolutely loved playing with these and can’t wait for Rich to get to this video to upload.  I think he’s about six behind right now,  I keep him hopping.  He loves seeing the results and is really proud of the channel and how it’s growing.  He’s like a proud dad and it’s been great sharing this experience with him.  He’s the best partner in crafting and more importantly, in life.  We’ve been married for 34 years and together 37.   On Valentine’s Day, I’ll devote my blog to “all about Rich.”  I hope you’ll take the time to read all about him.


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