I’m thinking I could be losing my crafting mind.  Today, I finally accomplished the impossible.  I finished the hummingbird card that my friend Elishia and I are both putting up together on our YouTube channels.  Of course this isn’t the first, or second attempt at this card.  I finally decided to make a card with alcohol imarkers painted on vellum.  In theory I didn’t think I could really screw it up and in retrospect, I could have made the card so much simpler, but didn’t.  I’m not sure why I always choose the most difficult methods to make cards, but I guess it’s just the way I roll.

My card looked so good until I started coloring in the background blue, for sky.  At first it looked ok, but as more of the blue was colored in, it started to show weird lines where the ink dried.  I started playing with it and eventually rubbed a mini-Distress ink over it to get the color to look consistent.  Here’s what I just thought of.  Why didn’t I either color the paper underneath with Distress inks, or, and this would be even easier, put a piece of blue paper under the vellum.  Sometimes I wonder where my common sense goes when these things happen.  Has anyone out there seen my common sense?  It’s MIA!

Ultimately the card looked good, but I feel sorry for Rich as I’ve been having more and more moments like these and his editing is getting bigger and bigger.  Today he’s editing one of my cards and said that normally he makes thirty edits per video and the last video he’s been working on has almost one hundred edits.  I’m making some serious mistakes and I’m not really sure why.  It’s frustrating because I hate to make this much work for Rich, even though he says he doesn’t mind.  It makes me feel terrible.  So the next one of my videos you watch, just remember there are probably one hundred mistakes you didn’t see and at least another hundred that you do.  I’m the world’s greatest crafter!


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