I know it seems odd that I made a MISTI tip video within a week or so of Jennifer McGuire’s MISTI tip video, but I swear, I’ve had this in the planning stages for a long time.  I had purchased the vinyl grid sheets from Amazon months ago and was too lazy to cut them and make the video.  I’ve had Cyndie’s templates for over a year and never have used them, so again, lazy.  The only reason my video is up now, is that Jennifer’s video reminded me of the things I had purchased to make my MISTI life easier and hopefully yours, as well.  I don’t know about everyone else, but I get tired of the magnets.  They are cumbersome and I’ve had some real issues with mine having them smack together and explode.  I wanted to create a system that made most of the magnets unnecessary and that’s what the vinyl grid sheets do.  Once they are in place, the card stock can’t move and even if it is lifted by an acrylic stamp that won’t let go, it should still land back in the spot it came out of.

I’ve found additional uses for the lining I put on my MISTI grid paper.  I didn’t realize how handy that overhead projector plastic would be.  I was making a card and decided to rub mini Distress inks over the card while it was in the MISTI.  Since the plastic was behind it, not only was clean up a breeze, but I also found that I could take a water bottle and squirt a small amount of water on the plastic and basically use it to watercolor right in the MISTI.  I loved the convenience of this tip and you’ll see it in action on the next video I am making.  I also really liked the idea of using the ink that ends up on the plastic by accident, so I took a paint brush to the plastic and used the ink the brush picked up.  I’m really having fun not having to clean the MISTI so often and always having clean grid paper.

Tonight I thought I’d make a couple of cards and decided to work on the hummingbird card that my buddy Elishia and I are doing together.  Well, not together, we’re each doing our own card using the same stamp set to see what the other comes up with.  I thought it screamed for gold embossing and water coloring, but  so far, I’m not sure if it’s going to make it or not.  I put Glossy Accents on it and if that doesn’t make a big difference, this card might be going into the trash.  Darn it, I hate it when I put a lot of work into something and the results are yucky.  Time will tell, hopefully the Glossy Accents will make a big difference.  You never know.


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