I wanted to make a thank you card for the Rubbernecker Stamp Company owners, as they sent me a box of their stamps to encourage me and my channel.  I’ve been working on making just the right card for them and it’s been a struggle, as every card I’ve tried to make has not made me happy.  You know it’s bad when I have one of those days.  I finally finished the card tonight and am really pretty happy with the results.  Sometimes though, it’s not about the crafting.

When I started my channel over a year ago, I was contacted by Rebecca Walton, one of the owners of Rubber Stamp Tapestry.  She wanted to send me some of her stamps to see what I thought about them.  They are the makers of the peg stamps (www.pegstamp.com), and I immediately fell in love with them.  They are easy to use and are so much fun to work with.  It’s been great watching Lindsay (the frugalcrafter) work with them and seeing the ideas she comes up with for them.

Rebecca had read my resolution to get to 3,000 subscribers this year and wanted to help me work toward that goal.  Here’s what she put on her company’s facebook page today.

There’s nothing better than working on a card while listening to an inspirational video.

One of my very favorite YouTube channels, is CraftingForAlmostEveryone. If you’ve missed this one, you’ve got to check it out – it’s fantastic. I have a habit of listening to this channel while I work on my projects. Of course I don’t get as much done because I have to stop to watch now and again, but I find it get’s my creative juices flowing and I feel like I’m crafting with a friend.

Sandy @ Crafting for Almost Everyone is a wonderful teacher, she makes super helpful product reviews and tackles difficult techniques – breaking them down and showing that anyone can do them.

The unique thing about Sandy is that she has rheumatoid arthritis. The cool thing about Sandy is that she does not let that stop her. She dives into projects and does not let her physical limitations stop her from crafting and even going outside her comfort zone to try new things. And what really sets Sandy apart is her ability to laugh at herself. When crafting it’s easy for me to get upset when things don’t turn out the way I planned, or to not even attempt something because I think I might fail or because it seems too difficult. Sandy reminds me to laugh and remember that it will be alright. Like her, I might even create a new technique or discover something amazing in the process.

It’s Sandy’s goal to get 3,000 subscribers this year. I would love for you to subscribe to her channel to help her reach this goal, but mostly I’d like you to subscribe because I think you will really enjoy it. I hope you’ll join me in becoming a CraftingForAlmostEveryone YouTube fan.


– Rebecca Walton

PS: Sandy does not make any money from her channel. She has it solely because she loves sharing what she’s learned with others, especially those with physical limitations. She’s been an inspiration to many with RA and other issues who felt crafting was no longer something they could do.



I couldn’t ask for a better endorsement for my channel as Rebecca knows me and my commitment to helping others learn techniques they might think are beyond them.   I hope others don’t give up and learn to laugh at the mistakes they make along the way when their bodies just don’t do things the way they used to. When you have physical limitations, it can be easy to let life pass you by, and I hope my YouTube channel helps people find an outlet to create, be entertained, and most importantly, have fun!

It’s been a great day!


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