I spent the day today with my cousin, well technically, my cousin’s daughter.  Is that my first cousin once removed?  Never sure how that works.  She is the one that made me her first handmade card for my birthday and I absolutely loved it, and that was using her kids old craft supplies.  Just think what she can do with the real stuff.  So I took her some starter things that I thought might help, and we went out to lunch (because you have to make sure you have a full stomach when going on a crafty expedition), and then to AC Moore and Michaels.  We had a terrific time trying to decide what are the necessity craft supplies you need and trying to find them at the best price.  I think we did OK, but had a lot of fun just spending time together and catching up on the family and how we and our families are doing.  She’s such a sweet lady and I had a lot of fun with Shelli and can’t wait to see what she creates with the things that she purchased.  I’m sure it will be unbelievable, as she is so creative to begin with, and unlike me, doesn’t need to find inspiration in other people’s techniques.  Although to be honest, I think every crafter uses Pinterest or YouTube or Instagram or other social media for ideas.  I don’t use anything but YouTube, obviously, because I like to limit my social media skills to the ones I’m pretty familiar with.  Pinterest doesn’t really help me as I can look at the card, but have no idea what their techniques were.  I need step by step instructions to help me find my way.  At least I did when I first started.  Now I can figure things out a lot easier.

I’m sure that Shelli already has her tools out and is creating beautiful art.  Now that she has the basic supplies, she will gradually turn into a crafty buying maniac like the rest of us.  I’m looking forward to all she can do and will make sure I put up some pictures of the things she shows me!  I’m so excited!


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