I made two videos tonight and started a third.  I would normally tell you all about it, but instead I thought I’d tell you what else I did tonight.  I tried to set my oven on fire with butter that leaked onto the inside of the oven.  I smelled the smoke before the alarm went off, and turned on the fan and shut off the oven.  The smoke was so thick that I couldn’t get the pan out of the oven, or open any windows, so had to get Rich to help.  We opened almost every window in our house and still the smoke kept coming.  It took us over two hours to stop the smoke as the oven was hot and the butter just kept smoking.  Sometimes I’m not sure what I’m thinking when these things happen.  It didn’t stop me from crafting though, as soon as the smoke was under control, I was back in my craft room.  I’m really exhausted from crafting and fire brigade, so am cutting my post short tonight.


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