I really want to make a card that will dazzle people, so have been working on the card I’m making with Carol Held.  Well we’re making a card using the same stamp set and putting our own personal touch on them.  I’ve been water coloring like a lunatic and trying to find just the right colors and look to make this card exceptional.  So far, I’m at the “I’m not sure” stage of the card.  It doesn’t look bad, but it definitely doesn’t look good.

Ok, and I have to admit that I have a MAJOR problem with the Vagabond today and thought I was going to have to tell you that I killed it.  You know how the one thing you can’t do is get something jammed in it?  Well of course I got something jammed into it.  It’s one of the new embossing folders, that has one design on one side, then you turn it inside out and there’s another design.  Of course when I put the sandwich together, it didn’t occur to me that these were much thicker than a normal embossing folder.  It went almost the whole way through and then got stuck.  It was warping the top plate of the sandwich and I couldn’t get it to move backward or forward, so I held down the plate in the back (I’m sure that was a big no-no) and it inched through a little bit.  Did that several times and finally it popped out.  In the meantime, my plate is now almost U shaped and I’m not sure how to flatten it.  It’s definitely not something you can flatten in the machine as it really is U shaped.  So now I need new plates.  Who else would do something like this besides me?  How cow I was scared it would never come out.  If you had seen the curl on that plate, you wouldn’t have thought it would either.  Maybe I’m not a die cutting machine type crafter.  They always make it look so easy and I always make it look so hard.  Geez!

I can’t decide what else to do to my card to make it look good enough to show to Carol’s viewers.  I’m really nervous about this.  I don’t want to make Carol look bad as she has worked really hard to get to the number of subscribers she has.  Since the Vagabond debacle, I’m spending a few minutes just second-guessing everything I could do to make this card work.  I’m not sure what it will take to make it really spectacular, but that’s what I’m looking to produce.  I want this card to have some big WOW factor.  Yikes, I better get back to the craft room…


2 thoughts on “2/19/2017

  1. Hi Sandy!
    I’ m almost 100% sure of The frugal crafter have a video about flatten out the plates! If you look at YouTube there are quite some tips on how to do it. Personally I gave up and ordered new plates…
    I look forward to see your card and I’m sure it will be amazing as always!

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  2. Thanks Malena, I really appreciate your scoop on the plate. I tried Lindsay’s hot water technique and it didn’t do anything for my U. I feel SO dumb that I did that. I was so afraid that it was stuck in there forever as that is the one big No No about the Vagabond. They tell you never ever put anything in there that is too thick. It never occurred to me that the embossing folder I was using was basically double the thickness of a normal embossing folder, so it was sticking in there and I kept inching it and inching it and finally it came out. But I kept watching the top plate curling and curling and knew it was a goner. Oh well, I learned a valuable lesson (and hopefully an inexpensive one.)
    And in the end, I decided not to use the embossed image as it doesn’t go with the card. I’m really stuck on the card as I just don’t know where to go with it to make it beautiful and up to Carol’s standards. I don’t want her viewers to look at it and wonder what Carol was thinking in doing a video with a crazy woman like me. I’ve been fretting about what to do all yesterday and today. Sandy


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