I’m still working on the card I’m doing with Carol Held.  Here’s the name of the stamp set we are using.  It’s from Stampendous and is called Sketchy Blooms.  It’s a really pretty stamp set, and I’ve water colored it and it looks ok, but nothing spectacular.  Of course I stamped the sentiment on crooked, so that’s something else I need to fix.  I thought about turning it into a shaker card, but am not really sure where I would put the image (inside the shaker) or where on the watercolor piece I would cut to make a shaker out of it.  I thought about making it look almost like a book having the shaker be the outside and my watercolor image on the inside, but don’t know how that will look.  I may cut my image down as I used a 5 x 7 piece of watercolor paper and used one full image of the stamp and a portion of the stamp at the top left on the paper.  It looks fine, but I’m not going for “fine,” I’m trying to make this Carol Held worthy.  Therein lies the problem.  Whenever you compare your work to someone else’s, you end up feeling insecure.  I think that is the biggest mistake we crafters make.  Let’s face it, I can’t watercolor like Lindsay, I can’t write like Kristina Werner, and am not the artist that Carol Held is, but I love their work.  I can try to replicate the techniques they do, but it will never be like theirs.  I’m great with that, but if one of them asked me to do a card with them, I would panic, just like I am doing right now.

Since I don’t have their particular skill sets, I need to focus on mine.  I know what I am good at doing and need to think about that, and make the card based on what I do best.  I can’t be Carol Held, but I can make the best Sandy Parker card possible.  Once I wipe my mind of the expectations I have for this card, I’ll be able to continue.  Until then, I’m going to sit back and contemplate what techniques I want to use with this card and then make the best card I can make.

On a scary note, Rich is only one or two videos behind me at this point, so I need to make more videos to ensure he doesn’t become complacent, ha ha  Also, there’s no redeeming my U shaped plate as I tried every thing and it’s never going to flatten out so that it is usable.  It’s a minor setback considering I could have completely broken my Vagabond by getting the embossing plates stuck inside permanently.


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