My cousin, who is a new card maker, made a card for a baby shower and was embarrassed by her results. She said she tried to make it sound like a child had made it after she gave it to the expectant mother, joking of course..  The reason I’m telling this story is because I made a card tonight that is so bad, SO BAD, it looks like this is not just the first card I’ve ever made, but also that I don’t have a clue how certain medium work when you use them together.  I tried using alcohol markers with pigment inks.  Of course the alcohol markers bled into the pigment ink or the pigment ink bled through the marker.  Regardless, it was terrible, but you know me, I wouldn’t give up.  So I added Tim Holtz picket fence stain over the pigment ink.  That didn’t really make it look much better and, of course, I ended up with a little bit of alcohol marker on the dauber for the stain and the alcohol marker bled through the stain.  The reason I’m telling you this is because you’ll never, and I mean never, see this card.  It’s beyond redemption and I’m mad that I spent so much time on it before I threw in the towel.  I should have just taken one long look at it and made that decision about two hours before I did.  I should mail the card to my cousin with a note that makes her promise to destroy it as soon as she’s done laughing, or crying, because it is that bad.  But what if someone else accidentally looks over her shoulder and sees it, and knows I made it?  Or even worse, what if she looks at it and it makes her head explode from disbelief?  No, I think I better run it through the shredder, then burn the remains and never speak of it again.  That’s the best way to approach it I think.

So, now you know, it can happen to anyone.  Sometimes a card is just not meant to be.  Sometimes when you sit down and think you will produce something, you can’t or maybe just shouldn’t.  I think tonight was one of those nights.  I would have been better off watching television.


2 thoughts on “2/21/2017

  1. I love everything about this blog, from the mention of me (yay!),to the story which makes me feel better about my diaper card fail. You’re the real deal Sandy: funny, honest and generous. I feel so much better! Now, maybe I should express my thanks in a homemade card …


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