We spent the day today in Pittsburgh going to see my rheumatologist.  The only reason I’m telling you this, is because I always get a great present when I go there.  On the way home, Rich always stops at Michael’s and Joanns in a large plaza there.  Both stores are much bigger than the ones I normally would go to in the Erie area, and I found the Hampton Arts Stamp Perfect at Michaels.  I’ve been wanting to buy one, but didn’t want to buy it online and pay postage. I have not been able to find it in any retail stores in my area. So my 40% coupon came to play and I am so excited to own one.  I have been wanting to buy one because of it’s price, $15 with the coupon. I like the fact that the door is a thinner plastic than my MISTI as I currently really struggle stamping larger images.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to stamp images easier than with the MISTI.  Of course I bought a couple other things, but I wanted to make sure I told you that I finally bought the Stamp Perfect.  I actually wanted it for another reason.  If people have physical limitations, it’s better if I walk them through the differences between the MISTI and the Stamp Perfect because I know what we’re looking for.  It also helps that I’ve used the MISTI for a long time so I know the ins and outs of it and what to look for in the Stamp Perfect.  The absolute best reason for me to buy it, is to share valuable information with everyone on my channel.  If this tool works well, it comes at a price that a lot more stampers can afford than the MISTI.  I’ve really been saddened that the MISTI owners haven’t lowered their prices since the competition are all coming out at prices that are significantly lower than theirs.  The Tim Holtz model will be coming out at either the end of March or beginning of April, and it will retail at $39.99 before any coupons.  Since MISTI isn’t really sold places that offer significant coupons, the lowest I’ve seen it is around $45.  The other thing that’s frustrating is that MISTI charges for the magnets and pad of paper.  I guess I would think for that price point, the least they could do is to throw in some paper and a few magnets.  I’m not saying the MISTI isn’t a great tool, I’m just sad that they felt they need to sell it for such a high price.  Maybe the quality will be significantly better than the Stamp Perfect to make up the price difference, but you know I’ll be completely honest in my discussion of the two products.  I’m really hoping the Stamp Perfect is perfect, as I think it will be a terrific addition to most crafters’ tool box.  I rarely use acrylic blocks now that I use the MISTI.  I think it is a great tool for people who have issues with their hands shaking, use of one arm and people like me with arthritis, as well as others who want to easily stamp multiple times or in the same spot more than once.  I’ll be making that video tomorrow and we’ll see how quickly Rich can get it into the line up.  He’s starting to acquire a pile of videos again, so the pressure is off me, YAY!


7 thoughts on “2/28/2017

  1. I have the Hampton Art Stamp Perfect and really like it. The misti was out of my price range so happy to see this one come out. Put it to good use making some sympathy cards for my stash and will put it to good use from now on.


      1. Thanks Cindy, For your input. I really want to make sure the Stamp Perfect will work for people with hand/wrist issues before I recommend it and so far, I’m a little nervous. How do you get your magnets apart? On the Misti, you can pull the two magnets to the edges and the top one will slide off, but I tried it with the SP and it didn’t work. Any input you can give me, pro or con on it, I’d appreciate. Sandy


      2. Sandy, I don’t have a problem just using my stubby nails to pull the magnet off the board. Easy to do for me and I do have issues with my entire right side. I have accidently had the magnets stick to each other after I take them off. That has happened way too many times. First time it happened I had to have my son take them apart but I have since learned to just slide them apart and sent them to separate corners. I am so happy with it and the cost. Keep up all the info you share!!! Cindy


  2. My problem is when the magnets are on top of each other inside the SP. Have you ever had that happen? That’s when I can’t separate them because I can’t figure out how to get two of them off of the magnetic base. (It could just be my strength too.)
    Cindy, I really appreciate you helping me with this as I really want to make sure I can recommend the SP and give all of the ins and outs of it from people who use it all of the time. I need to get in the craft room and just use it for a couple of hours so I can finish my video on it. What I’d like to do is when I hit 3,000 subscribers, offer three SP as thank yous in a drawing for people. So many of my viewers can’t afford them and I think they are the perfect tool for anyone with hand/wrist issues. What do you think?


    1. My magnets get stuck together inside, outside and all around. Guess I need to pay more attention when I am moving them. Luckily I am still able to pick them up with a nail and them slide them apart. Offering them when you hit 3000 sounds like a great idea. I never realized how much I needed one until I got mine and started using them. Now I can’t make a card without it.


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