I decided to play with the Stamp Perfect a little bit tonight and so far, am a little bit disappointed.  It comes with the foam insert like the MISTI, as well as two magnets, exactly like the MISTI.  The difference is that if you put the magnets on the foam insert, the door won’t completely close.  I find that to be a little bit alarming because I hadn’t even put a stamp inside it yet.  So I made a video on how I prepare a new stamping tool to make it work for me.  I made a clear acrylic sheet to protect the inside as well as made a grid paper and covered the magnets with washi tape.  I told the story about the foam insert, but hadn’t developed a solution for it then.  I think I’ll be adding to that video, because I discovered that the fun foam you buy for kids is thinner and is the exact width for the Stamp Perfect, and you only need to cut a little over an inch off of it to have it fit perfectly inside.  I haven’t tried stamping with it yet, but thought I’d give you my initial ideas about it, and at least now the door almost closes perfectly.  I really want this to be a great tool, but so far, I’m finding it to be not really well thought out.  Time will tell.

I got an email from a company that watched the video I made on demon sticks, aka craft knives.  They say that their craft knife is far superior and wondered if I would consider trying it and using it in a video.  I explained that I will be glad to try their knife, but will want to discuss it with them first before I make a video about it, because if I don’t like it, or I don’t think it’s safe, there’s no way I’m going to make a video about it.  I’m thrilled that company’s are asking for my input, but I want them to understand that if a product won’t work for me, I’m going to make sure I talk about it in the video as I would never want anyone to buy something that I can’t or won’t use.  On the other hand, if this is the greatest craft knife, aka demon stick, we definitely need to know about it because the one I thought I liked has been a problem so far with the blade not holding it’s sharpness.  Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m too hard on tools.  I have the so much trouble with paper trimmers and I’m sure it is entirely my fault because I like to do a quick trim with the trimmer on my lap.  Of course I know that isn’t the smartest thing to do, but honestly, if a paper trimmer can’t stand up to being on my lap, how great is it?  It’s not like I’m cutting through chip-board or more than one piece of card stock…we’re talking one single piece of card stock.  Really?  I’m just a little bit frustrated by that.  I watched a video today from a Stampin’ Up demonstrator who was talking about their paper trimmer.  She says she changes her blade in her trimmer every week or so.  Of course she said, the average crafter wouldn’t have to change theirs that often, maybe every month or so.  I think I might be losing my mind.  Could she really have meant every month or so?  The average crafter?  How many pieces of paper is the average crafter cutting in a month?  Twenty?  I think that’s got to be high for the “average” crafter.  I wonder what the Stampin’ Up people would say about that?  I’ve watched so many videos of the Stampin’ Up representatives using those trimmers and thinking they must really love them.  I’ve never once heard another representative discuss changing their blades every week or so.  That’s incredible.  I’m not sure why this is bothering me so much, but it is.  I’m just blown away by what she said.  I think I should re-watch that video, because it has got to be wrong.  There’s no way she said she changes her blades every week and that her customers would change theirs every month.  I did laugh though, because she showed the storage under the paper trimmer and she must have had ten or more spare blades back there.  I saw them before she talked about how often she changed them and I just thought she was a trimmer blade hoarder.  No, she’s not a hoarder.  She needs them…Those wouldn’t even last her three months.

So this rant is bringing me to my next point.  Maybe the problem I’m having with paper trimmers isn’t that I cut paper on my lap.  Maybe I should buy a few dozen blades and change them every week or so.  I honestly can’t see myself doing that and wonder what the average shelf life is for a paper trimmer blade and does anyone else change their blades that frequently?  Even once a month?  Once every three months?  Now I’m on a quest.  I have to know the answer to this question…


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