I went to Joann’s today and found out that they are putting a lot of stamping products on clearance.  I think they might be changing the store around, but the area they are focusing on is primarily stamping.  I found a really great deal on the yellow set of Spectrum Noir markers, six for $7.99 plus they took an additional 20% off. I also bought a box of Tim Holtz tissue paper.  It looks like it will be a lot of fun for backgrounds on stamps, or maybe to line an envelope to match the card.  Anyway, those were my purchases.  Joann’s also had some good deals on water based markers, so if you’re looking for those, you might want to hit your local Joanns.  I think I must be really hard on my markers or maybe Spectrums have issues with drying out quickly.  I have heard from others that is the case, but I’ve had enough problems that I did a video on adding alcohol to them to make them usable again.  I like the markers though, because they aren’t overly expensive and I like to color with them.  But then I just like to color, period.

One of my closest friends just put up photos on her Facebook page of Mandalas she’s been coloring.  When Rich showed me the photo, I had to send her a note telling her that Mandalas are the gateway to a whole bunch of crafty goodness.  I told her that’s how I started and the next thing you know, she’s going to have a YouTube channel for crafting.

I’m working on a t-shirt shaped card with texture paste that I’m coloring and using a stencil to make the shirt look like it has a tie dye pattern on it. So far I’m not exactly sure if I love it, but it’s one of those things that you won’t really know if you love it until it is finished.  I had a company called Chalkola send me chalk markers that you can use on all kinds of surfaces and I wanted to see how they would work on cards.  The only problem is the colors are pretty neon, so I’ve struggled with finding the right fit for them.  This t-shirt idea has really been a great way to use them to color the texture paste.  I forgot how much I love texture paste and playing with it.  I’ll have to find some other ideas for it.


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