I really wanted to get back into the craft room today, but decided to take the day off instead.  I have a video on black inks that will go live tomorrow and am so sorry that I’ve been slacking on the job.  I really like to make sure that I stay on top of videos, but this week was a busy one and although I have the videos made, I had to take Rich with me on my trips this week, so he wasn’t able to edit and get more videos live.  I feel bad when that happens but hope to make it up to you in the next few days with more videos going live.

I think I needed a day to regroup.  Once I retired, I tried to pace myself so I don’t burn out like I used to when I worked.  This week, I think I just took on too many tasks so took today to rest up so I can get busy with the many ideas that are spinning around in my head.  I wonder if that happens to other people?  I can’t sleep until I write down what I’m thinking about, because otherwise I might forget the idea and then spend most of the next day trying to remember.  Now I keep a small notebook nearby so when I can’t sleep because of a crafty idea, I just write it down and then back to bed.  It works great for me as long as I can either read or remember what I’ve written.  Sometimes I don’t even turn on the light, so you can imagine what that handwriting looks like.  Regardless, tomorrow I’m back on my crafty horse.


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