I was surprised this morning, when I received an email from the customer service representative of Hampton Arts.  She said my first email confused her and that my second email with the photographs made it difficult for her to see the gap in the door of my Stamp Perfect.  I think I already mentioned this in yesterday’s blog, but I was holding the Stamp Perfect upright and holding it closed in one of the three photos I sent her.  She said she couldn’t see the gap in any of the photos, yet in that photo, all you could see was the gap and my fingers clasping it closed.  Regardless, she decided that the “flu” caused her to give me the reply she had, and if I would email her my address, she would send me a new unit.  She did ask if mine was squeaking, as that could throw the door out of alignment.  Weirdly enough, in the first email I sent her, I also mentioned that my unit did not squeak.  I’m beginning to wonder if she’s had the flu for a couple of weeks now, as she doesn’t seem to really read the information I send her, or look at the photographs she requested.

I’m glad that they are standing behind their product though, because I would have made a video detailing the problems I have had, and that wouldn’t have encouraged people to buy one.  It is a nice tool, if the door closes and if it doesn’t squeak.

I really hope the next one I get doesn’t have any problems as I couldn’t go through this again.  It’s been a very frustrating experience.


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