Texture Paste Tie Dye T Shirt Shaped Card Using Chalkola Markers

The makers of Chalkola chalk markers wanted to see how the markers would work for people with hand/wrist issues so they sent me some markers. I wasn’t sure what projects to try that others hadn’t already done, so I colored my texture paste with them. It worked really well. I like the markers, but found the large markers difficult to use for the first time as there is a lot of shaking and pressing the nib to get the ink flowing to begin with. Once the ink is flowing, they work perfectly. Thanks to the Chalkola people, for asking me to try their markers to determine if people like me can use them easily.
Using a 5 1/2″ square white card base, I drew (my version of a) t-shirt with a pencil. After I was happy with it, I cut it out and laid a stencil from Crafters Workshop called Mini Tie Dye, on the shirt and taped it down. I combined the Chalkola yellow big marker with Ranger Texture Paste and rubbed it into a small portion of the stencil, then added orange Chalkola marker to the texture paste and covered more of the stencil, and finally red marker with the texture paste. I really liked the results of combining the marker with the paste as the colors were really vibrant and reminded me of the 1970’s. (Not that I was alive then, or was I in college, you be the judge.)
Once done with the texture paste, clean everything thoroughly as it shouldn’t dry on anything as it’s really hard to clean once it’s dry.

I used a 2 1/4″ circle punch and made sure I still had paper left on either side of the punch so the card would open , but I wouldn’t cut it in half and punched a small semi-circle for the neck of the shirt.. I took some red and white thin twine and ran it through my Xyron and then made the neckline of the t shirt by laying the twine on it. I also ran twine on the bottom of the shirt and two rows on the ends of each sleeve by running a thin bead of wet glue and pulling a double row of the red and white twine tightly over the glue and trimming the edges.. I think the twine really made it look more like a real shirt. On the second row of twine on the neck, I made an oval with yellow paper and stamped both sides with a sentiment from the Stampin’ Up set Just Sayin’ and hung it from the red and white twine.

I used a stamp set for the inside from Cloud 9 Designs Laughter Quotes stamp set from Fiskars. I ran red geometric washi tape on the inside of the card and on the outside of the envelope. .

I thought the end result did look like a shirt from the 1970s’ and hope you liked this technique.



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