I felt really sorry for Rich because it took him all last night and almost all of today to finally upload the video for the pocket page.  Apparently my videos had taken up a terabyte of memory on his computer, so we needed to buy another 4 terabytes of portable memory to keep track of all of the videos that we’ve made, and for the ones we’ll make in the future.  Normally I would have thought it made no sense to keep the old videos, but I talked to another YouTuber who said that they had a friend whose channel was taken down in error by YouTube, and they thought all of their friends data had been lost.  Let’s just say that if that happened to me, I’d be done.  I wouldn’t be able to function, let alone reestablish my YouTube page.  So with that in mind, we made a quick trip to Staples and we’re back in business again.

I wasn’t sure when I made the video with the pocket page if anyone would really want it.  I didn’t want to open it up to anyone outside of my channel, so I didn’t mention giveaway or gift or prize, as I don’t really consider it any of those things, plus I didn’t want the person to win it if there were just trolling for freebies.  I really want the person to win it to want it.  That might sound odd, I don’t mean that I consider it something everyone would want, but if people collect pocket pages, or just like my channel, I’d want them to be the ones to receive it.  I didn’t know exactly how to word it in the video, so I came off sounding like I don’t care if I get comments and that was wrong too.  All in all, I think the way I handled the pocket page giveaway was not the best.  I hope the people who watch the video will understand what I was intending.  Geez, it’s stressful trying to give something away.

I’ve been so lucky to meet so many really nice people through YouTube and especially ones from outside of the United States.  I need to figure out a way to do a special prize for those people and am working on it as we speak.  If the pocket page goes over well, I might do another one of those, but I was thinking of mailing a card with something small inside.  I’m sending a card to Germany in the next week and once I find out what the shipping costs will be, I’ll decide if I can handle sending something else outside of the USA.  I’m not sure if I sent a card to Australia, if it would cost a lot of money, as I’ve never tried it, so I’m looking into it so I have an idea.  Maybe I should wait until I have more subscribers as I’m not sure if I have five or fifty or five hundred subscribers from outside the USA as my YouTube channel doesn’t have enough subscribers for me to be able to get any of the data that they collect for larger channels.  I’m not sure how big I need to be before I will get access, but I’d love to know where my subscribers reside.


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