Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  I’m a little late in getting my post online, but wanted to make sure I did.  Today is my sister’s favorite holiday of the year, so I sent her a box of gifts like it was her birthday.  I think she was really happy with the things I sent her, and she got them yesterday, so they arrived in time for her to play with everything before St. Patrick’s Day.  I found a Mandala that was framed that she could color herself and then hang on the wall.  She’s really into coloring them, so I thought she would really enjoy making her own wall art.  I found it at Michael’s, and I swear, you can find just about anything at a craft store now.

My girlfriend found a small teacup Christmas ornament with shamrocks on it and bought it for my sister, so I included that in the box as well as a pair of jeans I thought she might like, and cards I had made for her.  Her birthday isn’t until November, so it’s like having two birthdays this year.

I gave Rich a couple more videos to upload, so I hope he doesn’t crack under the pressure.  Tomorrow, I’m making a video for a viewer that wanted me to show her how to cut small squares on her paper trimmer.


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