I made the rainbow card video and thought that I had asked Rich to eliminate a lot of the stamping at the beginning, but can’t bear to ask him to re-edit, so it’s got a lot of really boring stamping that you have to get through before you get to anything worth watching.  I had a great time making the video as I love to watercolor, either with the pencil or true water coloring.

I made another video that Rich is editing today that shows how I swatched out my Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors.  I bought a set of 36 and really love them, but couldn’t really tell which colors were which in the container they come in.  The great thing about the set is that you can remove the little plastic paint holders and use them outside the box so you never make a mess with them, or leave them inside.  I have a set of Koi watercolors that are in a travel box.  It didn’t occur to me that “travel” meant super small.  I have a really hard time using them, as I can’t seem to keep my paint brush in one pot, and instead, end up getting one color paint intermingled with others, and it happens most often with the lighter colors.  I asked Lindsay what she recommended and she suggest a huge watercolor palette that was 16 x 20″.  I just don’t have the space for that, and I was watching one of Kristina Werner’s videos and she used the Kuretake Gansai Tambi watercolors, and as soon as I saw the container they came in, I knew they would be perfect for me.  Now that I’ve made my swatches and can tell which colors are which, I absolutely love them.


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