Early this AM, I remembered that I hadn’t made a card to go with a baby shower gift for our niece.  I wanted to make something fast plus an envelope to go with it.  I thought that it would make a great video as so many of us attend showers of one sort or another, and buying a card in addition to a gift and wrapping, or a gift bag, can often really add to the cost.  I like the little 3 x 3″ cards that you give with a gift and wanted to make one that went with a little boy theme.  I liked the idea of using a giraffe on a wheeled cart in succession to make it look like a train or a pull toy, so I connected the images together with a marker.  It looked cute, but you can really tell that I’m flustered in the video (at least I can tell I’m flustered), because I was running out of time and needed to wrap my gift as well.  I bought her a box of goodies that helps you turn people food into baby food.  Since we didn’t have children, I’m never good at buying gifts for babies.  I used to buy the mother a set of lotions and powders and cologne, but I didn’t really think my niece would be into that.  She and her mother-in-law grow a big garden and I thought this gift would be a  perfect way for her to turn their vegetable garden into organic food for her baby.  I’m not sure if she liked it, but her mother-in-law thought it was a terrific idea.  Like I said, I’m not very good at buying gifts for baby showers so it was probably a big fail.

My plan for this evening, is to make a video for a viewer who asked me to help her with her paper trimmer.  She said she struggles with knowing how to cut small pieces of card stock.  She needs to have pieces of paper that are cut to 2 1/2″ x 1 1/2″ and can’t figure out how to do that in her trimmer.  I think she might be starting with paper that might be too small and if you’ve ever started with very small paper, you know it’s almost impossible to use that small paper in your trimmer.  It will move and you’ll get an uneven cut.  So I’m going to make her video tonight and work on some cards that I owe some people.  I hate it when I get behind in my card making.  You’d think I would have tons of leftover cards, but I try to use as many as possible as soon as I make them, so I don’t have a big stockpile of them.


2 thoughts on “3/19/2017

  1. Wow, this reminds me of the diaper card I was making for the diaper party when I had less than an hour of time. The more “fails” I threw to the side, the more panicked I became! Now, if that happens again, I’ll hear Sandy’s voice in my ear saying, “it’s only paper!”


  2. Oh you can definitely tell I’m about ready to freak out as I’m just trying to get it done and not explaining much and some is out of frame and I’m about ready to lose it. I should have known it didn’t matter what the card looked like as she only cared about the gift. I don’t think she was really impressed with it so it was probably a big waste of money. If you had seen the gift registry, I’m not sure what people think today when they do those. $400 this and $300 that and $300 for another thing. Honestly, do they think people really want to spend that kind of money on stuff they will maybe use for 6 months..her baby bathtub was $100, are you kidding me? Crazy.


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