I spent the morning sending notes to all of the people who had responded to the pocket page video.  It was so nice to see the really nice responses I got, but even better was how supportive the viewers were of the “winner” and each other.  I love that the subscribers on my channel are all so great.  Really wonderful people, committed to crafting and being good to each other.  It’s rare on YouTube, as I’ve looked at other crafting sites and the viewers are often not kind to the crafter or each other.  I’m so lucky to have such a really wonderful group to be a part of.

Speaking of the subscribers, I have a lady who has been struggling with learning how to use her paper trimmer to cut small pieces of paper.  She asked if I would do a video on it, so today I made the video.  I also incorporated how to cut a square out of the center of a card for people who don’t know how, as well as how to cut paper if the pattern lies in one direction.  These things can be confusing for a newer crafter and I thought it would be something that could help her as well.  After I started cutting the box, I thought about how difficult it was for me to explain it, and hoped she could follow me.  I’m not sure I followed it myself by the end.  Sometimes it happens like that when I’m trying to explain a process that involves (I’ll call it) engineering.  When there is a process that has math and a process all in one.  I struggle explaining what I’m trying to do, even though in my head I know what I should be doing–it somehow comes out like I’m confusing myself.  Which of course, by this point, I am.  Geez, I think I may be making her even more confused than she was to begin with.  So my plan for tomorrow AM, is to watch the video and see how I can explain the process more clearly.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll probably have to delete that portion of the video.  It’s always something!


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