I spent some time making a video that is below on paper trimmers per a viewer’s (Jennie’s) request.  I wanted to be sure that I answered Jennie’s questions, but also covered the ins and outs of paper trimming in general.  I was really happy when I uploaded it, Jennie was so thrilled with the information and other, more experienced crafters, learned things as well, which really made me happy.  I was a little bit nervous that more experienced crafters would think I should have showed easier ways of doing things, but I was trying to  make the video for someone who just didn’t know how to use a trimmer and thankfully, it was well received..

Sometimes when I make a video, I fret about it, because I’m not sure how it will land.  I never even considered the controversy that came about because of the Stamp Perfect recall video.  I was thinking about the crafters with hand and wrist issues that can’t afford a MISTI and that was my only concern.  I didn’t think that people would be offended because the MISTI had a patent infringement, because my focus has always been on the crafter that is handicapped, and especially those on a fixed income.  I want them to find outlets for their creativity, and if they can’t stamp without a tool like this, and can’t afford a MISTI, then I wanted them to have a Stamp Perfect since they were still available.  I’m not sorry I made the video and would definitely make it again.  If I can be of service in any way to people like me, then I’ll continue to make videos in support of this community.  After all, I started this channel so people like me would have a voice on YouTube.  As long as I’m making videos, they (we) will have a voice.

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