I spent some quality time making a video that I ultimately deleted. Nothing went well and in the end, the project looked really bad.  I used watercolors and watercolor paper and my paper was warped and I couldn’t get my Vagabond to work.  I’m hoping that it came unplugged underneath the desk where Rich will need to look, as I checked the plugs connected to the machine and they were fine.  I had that incident where I got a very thick embossing folder stuck in the machine and eventually worked it out with the machine’s assistance.  I’m hoping it didn’t give it’s life in service of embossing, but it would be just my luck.  They even provide a tool to ensure the “sandwich” isn’t too thick to get stuck, but of course, it didn’t occur to me to use it.  So it’s definitely my fault if the machine is broken and I really hope it isn’t.  Just when I got into die cutting words, my machine doesn’t work.

I had heard that the best way to flatten watercolor paper that warps, is to run it through a die cutting machine without any embossing folders.  Simply run it through, and the die cutting machine will flatten it.  Since that wasn’t an option, I thought about using a book, but by that point I’d taken a long hard look at what I had produced, and decided it was better off in the trash.

So Plan B.  This time I stamped a house mouse stamp where he’s laying on a pile of jelly beans with a full belly.  I had a sentiment stamp that says “Do I smell jelly beans?” and thought that would really make it perfect, and then stamped Happy Easter on it.  I’m going to make it into a postcard, and I stamped a second one to make into an Easter card.  I really like sending postcards for holidays, as they are quick and easy and a lot less expensive to mail.  I think they are 21 cents (I could be making that up), but if I put fun foam in a card, I’ve been paying the post office 91 cents to mail those and I don’t really include much more information inside cards.  I also like the idea of mailing postcards because the post office workers always comment on them and they get to benefit from a fun little card as well.  The only downside is that you can’t write anything personal on them, so that’s why I also make the card into a folded card as well, and give viewers both options.

It really is a cute little card and I think viewers will be trying to find that particular House Mouse stamp, as it is adorable.


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