I had really big plans for today, but it drizzled most of the day, so I didn’t accomplish much because the worst weather for arthritis is drizzle.  Plus, poor Aggie has a UTI, and just got it tonight, so I’ve been taking her outside every few minutes while Rich was playing basketball.  We’ll definitely be taking her to the vet tomorrow as she’s prone to UTI’s now that she’s older, and she’s just miserable, having to go outside every few minutes.  Rich just tried to give her some lemon juice in her water, as that’s supposed to help calm a dogs’ bladder, but she vomited, so that’s not going to help.

I did finished the video for the House Mouse stamp.  I think it’s really pretty cute and it shouldn’t  be a really long video, as most of it is fast coloring.  You can’t believe how fast I can color when Rich changes the video to a faster setting.  I color like the wind.

I’m hoping Rich will get his part of the video done tonight and then I’ll do the last edits in the morning so it should be up sometime tomorrow if everything goes well.


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