I write these daily blogs and sometimes wonder if I should.  I’m not sure if anyone really cares what I do in the course of a day, but since I’ve done it since starting my YouTube channel, I thought I’d continue doing it until I can find a reason to stop.

My channel has been growing steadily, and I was really happy that Jennifer McGuire chose to feature it on her Facebook page, but when I looked at my growth, her Facebook reference only increased my subscribers by an additional 5%.  I guess I was kind of surprised by that, but then I thought about the number of people who would be put off by my hands, and am happy for the 5% increase.  At this point in my life, I can’t remember a time when my hands were “normal” or the last time I ran anywhere.  I mean RAN.  I’m sure it was in college or right after, because a year later, things were already going downhill.  I don’t miss running but the one thing I do miss sometimes, is shoes.  I loved shoes.  High heels, I lived in them.  I loved every kind of high heel and I wore them year round.  No boots for me, high heels all the way.  I used to run on stairs in heels.  I have trouble remembering doing a lot of things, but I can vividly remember running downstairs in our dorm in heels.  It’s weird the things that stick with us.  Maybe that memory is there for a reason, and if so, I don’t know what it is, but it’s forever.

When I was in high school. I took a biology class and the teacher said that things you remember forever are in your chemical memory and things you’ll forget are in your electrical memory.  I’m not sure why, but I decided the moment I heard the difference in memories, that I would put that in my chemical memory.  Well here I am over 40 years later, and I still remember.  Weird.

I’m not sure what any of this has to do with anything, just thought I’d share.  High heels were awesome.


4 thoughts on “4/1/2017

  1. I read your blogs every day and I really enjoy them, so I hope you’ll keep them up. I don’t know how many times I’ve laughed out loud when reading them. And I learned something new from this blog, about the 2 types of memories. I have a few chemical memories and I’m not sure what made them that way. I do remember, at certain times in my life, thinking “I want to remember this exact moment forever” and I guess that’s why they become that way. In my 20’s, I really enjoyed high heels also Not sure when I stopped wearing them, but I find myself buying mostly sensible shoes these days. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I bought a pair of high heels. I’m going to try wearing a pair this week to work to see if I remember how to walk in them!


  2. I’m really glad you read them as I do enjoy writing them, but some days, just don’t have much to say. I really wanted to talk about my love for high heels and was glad you loved them too. When I was in college, Calvin Klein jeans and high heels were really in fashion and Rich can tell you the first time he saw me walking across campus in them. Funny the things that stick in our memories.


  3. FYI, I remember Calvin Klein jeans, but my first fancy pair I begged for in junior high was Gloria Vanderbilt. P.s. I wore high heels today and my feet were really hurting by the end of the work day!


  4. I used to buy my high heels wherever they had a clearance sale and sometimes they just didn’t fit right so my feet killed me all day. The things we women do for cute shoes..
    I saw Anderson Cooper talk about his mom (Gloria Vanderbilt) and that when he was a teenager, his friends would see the swan on women’s butts and they would talk about how much money he made from every swan. Cathy still wears Gloria Vanderbilts almost exclusively, so she’s making sure Anderson never goes hungry, haha.


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