I have nights where I can’t sleep because I’ve got an idea spinning around in my head and until I do something with it, like write it down, I just can’t sleep.  Last night was all about blending alcohol markers on different papers.  I was obsessed with the idea of trying to blend them to see if cost would make a difference, or type of paper, etc.  So tonight I tried it on video.  I had a really difficult time trying to find a color family where I had three colors that weren’t necessarily in color order.  I wanted to find a range where there was a big skip in my colors so the markers would have to really blend to make up the difference.  I started with green markers, but one of the three wasn’t wet enough to complete the task (naturally), and I ended up using red.  I’ve always heard that red is one of the most difficult colors to blend, so what better color to choose?  I used DR1, DR4, and DR5.  Oddly enough, the skip from DR1 to DR4 wasn’t very noticeable, but the difference between DR4 and DR5 was.  Sometimes I wonder if they mislabel markers as I’ve got some colors where the higher number is actually lighter than the lower numbered marker.

I used six different papers, some watercolor, some inexpensive and some expensive.  My results were surprising, but I’ve often found this to be the case when I test out a theory.  I have not been impressed with the performance of Neenah Solar White Classic Crest cardstock.  In the video where I tested black inks, Neenah didn’t out perform the other papers, and this was no exception.  I was really happy with my results and hope you’ll enjoy the video as it should be going live tomorrow.

I was really pleased with the video of the card I made for our great niece’s birthday card.  I got such a great response to it and had so many wonderful comments and it really made my day!

Tomorrow I have a dentist appointment and I’m not looking forward to it as I really hate the dentist.  I have pretty good teeth, but just dread the whole experience.  I wonder how many other people fret about the dentist?


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