Ok, so we just finished uploading the longest video known to man.  I don’t know what I was thinking when I was making this card.  The thing that’s funny now, is that I couldn’t find a sentiment that worked with teacups.  The sentiment I finally used talked about beans.  So why didn’t I think of coffee beans?  Where was my head?  So the outside of the card has tea cups and a joke about beans and the inside features “thanks a bushel” and has vegetables on it.  I think most people will not get the connection, because frankly, there isn’t one.  After Rich edited the card, he made me put it up.   I really wanted to ditch it.  I think he probably spent ten hours working on cutting out material to make it that short and I don’t blame him for making me put it up.  What an absolute mess!  I feel so dumb that I never connected the beans with coffee and the cups with coffee.  Holy cow, that would have made the card so much faster and easier.  I probably could have cut ten minutes at least out of it.  Oh well, live and learn.  I’ll probably get a million thumbs down and I really don’t blame people if they do.  Although the card idea is pretty nifty, it just doesn’t seem to work.  Another day, another video.

Since we went over 3,000 subscribers,  Rebecca and Donny Walton the owners of Rubber Stamp Tapestry aka pegstamps.com, are giving me my own promo code for 15% off of everything in their store.  They have just about everything and anything people could want.  I just made the video using their stamps so that people will get an idea of some of the things they have to offer.  They are such nice people.  I don’t get any kickbacks from the sales and made sure I told people that in the video.  It was just a nice way for them to help me to say thank you to all of my subscribers.     I’ve been so lucky to find such sweet people who really believe in the channel.  I’ve been awed by the kindness and generosity  I’ve found since embarking on this YouTube adventure.


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