Easy Box Card w Paperclip Bookmarks. Tips for Scoring and Measuring

I watched a video of a box card and thought it would be a lot of fun to make. Here’s the original video by Valita https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2jCZ…
I didn’t realize that the video would be so long. I am so sorry that it is.

On the 11″ side of a 8 1/2″ x 11″ piece of cardstock, score at 2 1/2″, 4″, 7″, 8 1/2″ then turn to the 8 1/2″ length and score at 1 1/2″ and 7″. Fold in the 1 1/2″ and 7″ so the folds are clean and then unfold them. On the 11″ length, make a mark at 5 1/2″ with a light pencil on both sides at 5 1/2″. Put something squishy under your paper like fun foam or a phone book and put it under your paper. There are two score marks before the mark you just made. You will want to use a ruler and using your scoring tool, you’ll make a diagonal score from the center mark we made with a pencil, to the score line on the left and right of the center mark. This should create an upside down “V” shape. Turn the paper to the opposite edge and score exactly like you did on the first side. Take scissors with long blades and cut on the 8 1/2″ length, cut to the second score mark on all four corners. Then cut the first score mark off on all four sides, so you’ll be cutting a box off where you already cut one cut.

With the short sides facing you, fold the scores closest to the inside in, then fold the next score lay the down and bone folder it on both sides. The bottom and top pieces you will fold the two flaps in and where the inverted V is, fold those flaps back and use your bone folder on them and make sure all folds have been bone foldered (or whatever term you would use.) Reopen your folds and put tear tape on the little flaps on the outside edge of all four corners then remove the tear tape liner off of one piece and fold one side of the 11″ length up straight and put the flap behind it and attach it to the back of the piece. Do this to all four sides to create a box. Your flaps should be 2 1/2″ wide by 5 1/2″ tall and I made 1/8″ border. The patterned paper will be 2 3/8″ x 5 3/8″. I used a scallop border punch from EK Success for the edges of my paper.
Although I traced the half circles, it was just as easy to glue the paper down and then cut around them. I used a tape runner from Elmer’s to attach my papers to the outside of the box.
I used a piece of matching ribbon that was probably 12″ long and laid a length of tear tape on the back of the box so that the ribbon could be attached to it.

For the inside, I couldn’t find anything tea related, so I found some vegetables and wanted to make them into covers for my paperclips, but instead, attached them to the paper I put inside my box. I know the vegetables are weird with the teacups, but couldn’t figure out what else to do. My girlfriend that I sent the card to loves to tell a joke about carrots, so the vegetables are perfect for her, as is the joke about the beans that is the front sentiment..

I stamped the vegetables from a stamp set from Jillibean called Fresh Vegetable Soup with Stampin’ Up gray archival ink and made a mask for the thinner vegies, and then stamped beside the masked vegies to create a thicker piece of vegetable. I colored them with alcohol markers and Rich listed all of the colors in the video. I used one of the pink pieces of cardstock that we cut off of our box for our sentiment and punched it out with a punch from Stampin’ Up that I don’t know the name of. Sorry. I ran Soft Sky ink from Stampin’ Up around the edge of the sentiment using a Fantastix.. I put tape runner on the back of only the right side of the sentiment to adhere it to the left side of the right flap so it covers the front but will allow the card to open.
I cut another piece of pink cardstock and stamped my inside sentiment with the same gray archival ink and then punched a small hole and put a piece of ribbon in the hole so I can remove this paper from inside my box. After coloring my vegies, I glued them to the bottom of this piece of paper and then laid it inside the box. I don’t have the measurements for this piece of card stock, but to create it, measure the back of the box and cut it 1/2″ shorter than that measurement. You’ll need another piece of decorated paper to cover the back of the box, so use the measurement of the back of the box and make it 1/4″ shorter and 1/4″ thinner than the measurements you made. I’m sorry I forgot to record these measurements for you.



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