Today I was a crafting fool.  I made two cards, one water coloring with Stabilo 68 markers and the other had a watercolor background and colored with alcohol markers.  They were both a lot of fun to make and I think my girlfriend liked hers, so they were both fun.  I worry that I’m starting to get into a rut of making the same kinds of cards so am looking for ideas to try different techniques.  I need to get back to playing with my stamps instead of always being late for a card that needs made.

I wish I had some great plans to create something different, but need to think through my current ideas and come up with one I like.  I do like making different folds in cards and really liked making the box card, so I might give one of those ideas a try.

Rich is busy editing the video for the day I spent with my cousin Shelli.  He’s asked me several questions about what to cut out because we basically talked non-stop through the whole card making process.  It was hard to decide if we were discussing card making or just laughing about whatever.  Regardless, there is a ton of video footage for him to go through and he just threw in the towel for the night as he’s been at it for several hours and hasn’t been able to finish.  I guess that’s how it is when you get two talkative women together and want to narrow down their discussions to crafts.  It’s just not very easy.  It’s a good thing I pay Rich so well.  Chocolate and dog kisses, works every time.


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