Today is one of my closest friend’s birthday.  I need to make her card because in my mind, I thought her birthday was the 12th.  Now every other year I’ve gotten her birthday right.  What happened between last year and this is a mystery to me, and I am feeling really foolish that I can’t remember something this important.  When we talked on the phone yesterday, she was saying that her entire family was going out for dinner and I asked if it was for her mother’s birthday that was a few days ago.  She said no, for my birthday.  That’s the moment I broke out into a cold sweat.  How do I forget a birthday and then remember it as the wrong day?  Yikes, I really need to refer to the birthday calendar that I created for myself to avoid situations just like this.  Naturally this isn’t the first time I’ve forgotten a birthday and I’m getting more frustrated because I created the solution, but forget to look at it.  Geez, who does stuff like this?

So I’m off to make a video for a birthday card, how hard could that be?  Another five or six hours from now, I should have an idea for the card at the very minimum, and possibly produced an actual card (let’s not get so far ahead of ourselves here.)  Baby steps.


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