Rich finished editing his photo video and we put it up today.  I really think that people will appreciate the concept, if not the entire project.  We had one comment from a lady who said her daughter takes great photos and she thought they might turn one of her daughter’s photos into a card.  I love it when subscribers take the ideas we put up and then make them their own.  It really makes me feel like I’m helping people open their creative minds to come up with their own ideas and projects.

One of my subscribers was telling me about a website where you can buy dies really inexpensively.  I’m not really into punching out all of the tiny little pieces but would like to have ovals, squares, rectangles and circles to play with.  The site is called aliexpress and they are from China and Japan (I think.)  The things you buy will take a little while to get here, but their prices are really low.  A set of five or six stitched dies were less than $3.  You know how much I love a bargain and can’t wait to get them to see how they work.  I’ve heard the biggest problems people have when ordering from Aliexpress is determining the sizes of the dies they are buying.  Some sites don’t offer the sizes or if they do, the sizes are in centimeters not inches.  The same is true of embossing folders.  I saw one embossing folder that a lady bought that was the size of a baseball card.  I’m hoping I won’t make that mistake, but you realize that I am prone to do so.  One great note of interest is that the Vagabond is working again, and only needed to have the power strip on the floor turned on.  Yes, I am that dingy.

I ordered my sister a set of 72 Prismacolor colored pencils yesterday from Amazon and I’m hoping that she will get them tomorrow.  Cathy loves to color but only has sets of 24 colors in her pencil sets.  It’s time to broaden her coloring horizon.  She has diabetes and has had a lot of problems with her eyes, so she doesn’t think additional colors will be beneficial for her to use since she can’t tell the colors apart.  I told her whatever system she’s currently using to determine color families will work for this set, only on a larger scale.  I love my Prismacolors and hope she will too.

Lastly, my Touch Five markers came today and I’m really looking forward to playing with them.  The colors don’t seem to be in any particular order, so I’ll have to swatch them and then come up with a system of storage where all of the oranges are in one compartment, and all the blues in one, etc.  Since garage sale season is starting, I should be able to find storage that appeals to me for my new markers as well as more storage for the many cd cases that are overflowing my current storage.  You know when you craft, storage is an ongoing process that always needs tweeking.  And my process is really falling behind and needs me to make it a priority so I can start to find the things I am looking for.  It’s a lot of work, if only I had a magic genie, darn it.


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