I bought a really nifty journal at the Dollar Tree where half of the pages are white and half are craft card stock.  I really liked it but the cover says something weird on it and that, I wasn’t crazy about.  So I decided to cover the book with pretty paper and then put a book mark in it so I know what page I’m on.  I think I’m going to experiment with my new markers in the book to see how it works with them.  I thought I would do a video of the process, so I’m done with the first part, covering the book, and next will be stamping in it and coloring the image.  I’m not sure how much the ink will spread so I’m pretty sure I’m going to use embossing powder so the image has some sort of protection from bleeding.  Then I’m going to put a sheet of acetate behind the page I’m coloring on, so the whole journal isn’t destroyed with one page of coloring.
I might use it to swatch my markers on as well since I bought a set of 168.  Yesterday, I was on Ebay and found a wooden set of trays for $30 (including shipping) that should work for the entire set.  I’m really hoping it will because I’d like to be able to have all of my markers in one spot and easily accessible to me.  I’m still going to swatch them like my other colored pencils/markers, because it’s the fastest way to determine the actual color.  I’m not really sure how many crafters can tell the colors of their markers by the caps, as that has never worked for me.  The only way I can ever be sure of the color, is swatching it on a sticker and wrapping the sticker around the marker.

No point in talking about it any more, I should get started on the video.


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