I spent this afternoon swatching my new Touch Five markers.  I’m sure you’re thinking, all afternoon?  The reality was that once I got started swatching, I started thinking about using the new journal I’d made to color some images and see how the markers performed.  I really liked them and although they didn’t blend well on the paper in the journal, they did blend well on Georgia Pacific 110 lb. cardstock.  I thought I would use the journal for coloring images, then beside them, write down the colors of markers I used to create the results I got.  I did one image on craft and one on white paper as the journal has both included.  I put a piece of acetate behind the page I colored, so the alcohol markers wouldn’t bleed through to the next piece of paper.

Although I got sidetracked, at least I feel like I was productive.  No, I didn’t finish putting a sticker on all of my new markers, but I probably finished almost 50%.  Ok, it doesn’t sound like much once I put it into percentages, but you have to consider that I also colored two images, made a video and showed how well the markers blended on Georgia Pacific cardstock.  See how much better it sounds once I add those extras into the mix?

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday and we’ll be meeting friends for lunch.  I’m not really sure why, but I always miss Rich’s dad on Easter. He passed away on April 13th a few years ago, maybe that’s why I miss him more this time of year.  He was a sweet man and always made holidays special.  I’m hoping all of you have a great day with your families and I wish everyone a very happy Easter.


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