I finished putting all of my stamps into cd cases and feel a large weight off my shoulders because of it.  I was really getting overwhelmed with the huge quantity of stamps thrown into a large basket and now they are out of the basket and life is good.

I got the marker box that I ordered on Ebay and started swatching the markers and did a video showing the swatching.  I’m not sure how others know what their marker colors truly are, because the colors on the ends never seems to be close to the color on the marker.  It drives me crazy and I feel like I must be the only person who can’t figure out marker colors.  Am I dumb?  Possibly.

I have three videos done but Rich had a lot of outside jobs he wanted to get done today, so I probably won’t have a video up until tomorrow.

I’ve been watching this “pouring technique” in videos and I have to try it.  You use acrylic paints and a pouring medium and you put all of the paints into little cups them pour them into a single cup from high above.  There is a reason for that, but so far, I’m not 100% sure what that is.  Maybe to get the paints to interact in the cup differently, I don’t really know..  Then you take that cup and either pour it onto a canvas or flip the cup over on the canvas and then pick up the cup and the paint oozes all over the canvas to create a really interesting effect with “cells”.  Cells are big or little circles within the paint that create the look of what you would see when you look through a microscope (to me)…I’m not sure why they are called cells unless it has to do with my microscope theory.  It’s so interesting to watch and to see the final effect, I’m going to have to try it on video.  You know the reason I want to do it is because the paint makes a horrible mess and I’m really into making messes!  I’m so excited about the idea that I bought two canvases today to try it.  Maybe one try not on video where I fail horribly and one where I don’t fail horribly. I’m not really sure if both won’t be failures, but I have to try it anyway.


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