I finished swatching out my markers today and found that they have given me at least two duplicates in my 168 markers.  Not extras, just duplicates.  I’m going to go through all of them tomorrow to determine how many are duplicates.  I am a little bit disappointed but am not sure what to expect when you buy things made in Japan or China (since there is no maker information on them.)  I only found one marker that was a little bit dry and added some alcohol to it to hopefully rejuvenate it.  The rest are really nice and juicy.

I also got the rest of the oxide inks that I ordered, so now I have nine of the twelve that are out. I’m pretty sure I don’t want the other three as the colors weren’t screaming my name.  I need to start playing with them and make a video with them.

I need to get serious and upload some videos because Rich is getting close to catching up to me and I can’t have that.  I do have a video that I made last year that’s never been uploaded.  It’s a child’s chair that I took the seat out of, painted it and attached really strong magnets (like the ones on the MISTI, only smaller,) and made seasonal embellishments for on it.  There’s one for spring, summer and fall, so it can be used with a different planter in spring/summer and then use mums in it once the other flowers start to die off.  I really liked the chair and gave it to a good friend for her birthday.  It was one of the videos that I lost part of it when I lost one of my memory cards so I had to re-film the last portion of it.  It was a little bit dicey because I filmed it at a local nursery because all of the flowers had died off by the time we lost the memory card.  The nursery was closed but they had a lot of their potted plants still outside, so I took my chair and video camera and finished the video there.  It was only a minute or so, but I felt like I was doing something wrong by being there (even though all I was doing was video taping.)  Anyway, I’m going to find out where that video is and have Rich put it up.  It’s the perfect time of year to do the project since garage sale season has started and I found my chair there for under $1 last year.  Of course the wicker seat was kind of chewed, but I didn’t care because I cut it off anyway.  It’s a cute little chair now that it’s painted and looks a little frisky with it’s embellishments.  I think you’ll get a kick out of it.


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