Touch 5 Marker Review & Journal Cover

I got this new set of alcohol markers from Ebay and wanted to give them a try.  A full set of 168 are $63 and a set of 80 $40 also on ebay and a set of 40 for $28.  I wanted to get the full set of 168, as this was the set that had the lightest colors included and I like to use them for my blending.  You can find swatches of the smaller sets to determine if one of them will work for you.  They come in varieties like animation, fashion, architecture, animation and general.  Look at the color swatches for each of these sets to determine which ones will cover the color range you are looking for.
I wanted to make a journal for swatching my markers and to determine which colors blended well together.  I bought my journal at the Dollar Tree and then covered it with 12″ scrapbook paper and then trimmed it off.  I used tear tape and a tape runner to cover the journal. I only had a small strip of paper extra on the edges from my 12″  paper.
I swatch the markers on Polaroid labels from the Dollar Tree and  use my paper trimmer.  Line the paper up so the 11″ side is on the measuring bar and the 8 1/2″ length is in the trimmer.  You will line the  sticker up in half (on the long length of the label) and then trim the page, then move the paper to the cut line between two labels and trim again.  This will give you three labels to color.  I colored three green markers then took the labels off and put them around the center of the marker.  Now I know the real color of the marker and not have to guess at the color.  I keep the markers in order, first marker I swatched is on the left, and the second marker is to the right of it so that when I take the labels off their backing, I’m sure I am putting them on the correct marker.

I wanted to color my markers in my journal so I know what the colors look like together and if they blend.  I wrote the colors I used at the top of the page after I finished, so I would know which colors to choose if I am going for those looks.  The white paper doesn’t blend well but the craft color did seem to do well.  I laid a piece of plastic behind the paper I was coloring, so I didn’t end up ruining two pieces of paper with one colored image.  The colors I used were listed on the screen.   I used the following sets of stamps: Doodle Flower Arrangement from Woodware and another Woodware set called The Single Bloom.  I colored the Doodle Flower Arrangement on camera.
I also did a blending on 110 pound cardstock with the red markers and I thought they did a great job.  I used Georgia Pacific cardstock and used numbers 2, 3 and 4.  The reds did a nice job of blending in my opinion.


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