I spent a long time today, working on cards that were similar to ones Jennifer McGuire made with piecing papers together.  Although it should have been fairly easy, I used the Vagabond and did some die cutting and really struggled with losing little pieces of paper that I needed to complete my cards.  I really liked the end results for both cards, and think they will be nice birthday cards for male friends.  I’ve been having a hard time coming up with cards for friends that are men, so I thought this card technique worked well for them, and I hope you will agree.  I like the look of these cards since I’m a fan of cutting paper strips and man,  did I cut a lot of strips.  I thought it would work well to run the strips through the Xyron to make them sticky, and it did do a terrific job.  I’m not sure why I did this, but at the beginning, I thought I should line the colors up in rainbow order in the Xyron.  I’m not sure what difference it made, since I was just going to tear them off of the backing and lay them on the card front.  It only took me a couple of strips before I realized the foolishness of my actions.  Oh well, these things happen.


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