It’s nice to feel needed.  I’ve been getting emails from viewers who are wondering if I am ill, because I haven’t been putting many videos online.  The truth is that we’ve had some problems with losing pieces of videos and I’ve had to recreate them, and Rich just got frustrated for a few days and didn’t upload any videos.  We’re back on track now and you shouldn’t have to wait for videos going forward.  I hate it when we don’t put videos up and it makes me fret as well as all of you.

I just finished the edits that I do on videos before I give the memory card to Rich on the one with paper piecing.  I’m hoping it goes live tomorrow night or the next day at the latest, but I’m hoping for tomorrow.  In the video, I mention that Rich and I are going to a stamp show this weekend in Akron, Ohio, called Adventures in Stamping.  We went to it last year and it is so much fun to walk around and see  techniques and ideas that are new this year.  I’m hoping I don’t go crazy and buy a ton of stamps that I don’t need, but sometimes I just lose my mind at these stamp shows and come home with all kinds of crazy purchases.  Last year I bought so many stamps that I haven’t used yet, so I definitely shouldn’t be buying a bunch more.  I would really like to focus on using the products I already have.  Carol Held calls it shopping out of her own craft room.  I think it’s a brilliant idea and I have been trying not to buy any kinds of embellishments or things that are really unnecessary, but sometimes, shiny things catch my eye, and it’s all over for me.  I have to have whatever it is.  So my goal for this years stamp show is to hopefully meet some of my subscribers and if not, just have a lot of fun roaming from booth to booth, and hopefully, not come home with a car full of crafty goodies.

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