It wasn’t a very good night last night, as I couldn’t put any weight on my foot, so this morning, we decided I better have things X-rayed.  The doctor said that my ankle was sprained and my knee had a bad bruise, but I would live to fight another day.  Of course he didn’t say that, but don’t you wish they would?

They put a gel brace on my ankle and an ace bandage on my knee and sent me on my way.  They also threw in that I shouldn’t put any weight on it until at least Tuesday.  Now for other people it’s not as big of a deal as it is for me, because I can’t use crutches.  So I have to use a wheelchair and some weird space age crutches that have handles on them that look like they can be used with a rocket pack on my back.  Now that would be a much better system..a rocket pack instead of trying to hold onto a handle that Velcro’s to my forearms.  These crutches aren’t exactly safe, but then again, they were made for me in 1987, so they weren’t really made with safety in mind.

I try not to use the crutches if I can avoid them, so the next few days I’ll be hanging around, reading, watching videos and uploading ones that have already been finished.  Luckily I have a couple of videos ready to upload, so there shouldn’t be a big gap between them.

I looked at my ankle today and although I don’t have any bruises on it, I do have a big bruise between two toes.  Isn’t is weird when you have absolutely no idea where a bruise might have originated from…I’m finding it odd that the ankle is the only thing that really hurts, but the bruise is nowhere near it.  The best thing is I now have my own private nurse.  Honey thinks she should lick my foot every time she walks by.  She doesn’t normally lick my foot, but then again, I don’t normally have an ice pack on it.  I think she’s taking stock of the situation and deciding what needs done.  The one thing that I will really benefit from, is if she decides to stop trying to lay on my bad ankle when I’m laying in bed.  She’s a real character.


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