You’d think that by now I would be great at just sitting around and doing almost nothing.  Not the case.  I’m bored and frustrated and it’s only been three days.  I can’t wait to get back on my feet again and get into the craft room and make some cards or play with the oxide inks.  I am going to master them, it’s just a matter of time.

I was going to read all day yesterday, but then got hooked on looking at aliexpress.com and all of the different things they sell there.  It’s unbelievable how inexpensively they sell dies.  I realize that there is a long wait period for the things I buy from them, but it will be like a little surprise when I finally start getting things.  I just have to make sure I don’t buy the same things twice (which I have a tendency to do.)

Rich has another video that he’s going to edit today and will go live tomorrow.  I almost forgot that I made the card (even though I made it on Thursday)–that’s how my memory works.  He mentioned the video he was going to edit and I didn’t even remember making that card.  How crazy am I?

The dogs have really been enjoying holding me captive in one spot.  They know exactly where to find me and lay on the floor or on the loveseat (beside me) that I cover with a blanket so their hair isn’t everywhere.  Honey believes she is the queen of the house and that she’s allowed on all furniture, even though she has to get down when she chooses unwisely.

The weather has been rainy since my fall, so I haven’t really been tempted to go outside.  I do wish I could find more things to keep me entertained.  It could be so much worse, and I think I was really fortunate that my ankles’ only sprained and the knot on my knee has gone down.  Life is good, just a little bit boring.


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