Normally, today being a Friday, I’d be going to some garage sales with my girlfriend.  Unfortunately, the weather is really drizzly, and not really conducive for hanging outside.  I think after our rummage sale excursion yesterday, she didn’t really want to risk having me push myself too much.  She was really surprised that I went out yesterday, so probably didn’t want to push our luck

I don’t really mind though, because even though I didn’t walk very much yesterday, my ankle has been hurting a lot more since then.  I would like to get back in the craft room as I’ve been thinking about a bokeh technique that I’d like to try that looks fairly simple, but has a nice wow effect.  I need to get some videos in the bag as I think the only complete video is one that I tailored after a Jennifer McGuire technique of double stamping.  I’ve been waiting for Carol Held to do the same technique for a collaboration.  I mentioned this at least a month ago.  Carol is going to do her card with sign language and I’m doing what I always do, and that is write the entire technique below the video in the “more info” section.  Carol has made one set of cards and hated them.  I’m not saying that mine is very nice either, but it’s an easy technique and one that Carol can easily sign.  I’m not sure how many attempts Carol will make before she gives up on this project, but I’m really hoping she makes a card (well really two cards), that she likes, and then we can get this show on the road.   This is the first time that I’ve been completely out of videos for Rich to upload and I feel really nervous about it.  I need to get some in the bag.  I wondered about the origin of “in the bag” so I looked it up for myself.  Here’s the origin and meaning from “The Phrase Finder” .

In the bag


Virtually secured – as good as in one’s possession.


The term in the bag with the meaning of ‘virtually secured’ is American and came into being in the early 20th century. It is slightly predated by an Australian/New Zealand version of in the bag which had a different meaning. That was in use by 1900 and is defined here in a later citation:

Sidney John Baker’s The Australian language, 1945 – “A horse set to lose a race is said to be in the bag.”

in the bagOf course, that isn’t the meaning of the phrase as we currently understand it. The current version was coined because of a tradition of the New York Giants baseball team. This was recorded in May 1920, in the Ohio newspaper The Mansfield News:

“An old superstition was revived at the Polo grounds, New York, recently when Eddie Sicking was dispatched to the clubhouse with the ball bag at the start of the ninth possession of one run lead. This superstition originated during the run of twenty-six consecutive victories made by the Giants in 1916, the significance of it resting in a belief that if the bag is carried off the field at that stage of the game with the Giants in the lead the game is in the bag and cannot be lost.”

Back to me….I was a little bit surprised that they didn’t reference the other meaning for “in the bag.”  When I was a kid, I remember hearing people talking about someone who had been drinking too much and saying that they were “in the bag.”  Funny how many odd sayings we Americans have and the many ways we use them.


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