Today was definitely going to be the day that I got back in the craft room and made some projects.  If you ever watch Lindsay talk about the “bad pancake,” being the first one you make and it’s a garbage experience, that pretty much summed up the day.  I thought I’d make the bokeh technique, it’s easy and what could go wrong?  Ok, so I used regular Distress inks on watercolor paper with a brayer to make a pattern.  I used yellow, pink and light purples.  Looked terrible.  So I added more ink, it looked worse.  So I thought, hey why not watercolor over it, so I took purple watercolor and  colored over everything and it looked a lot better.  So then I added the white bokeh dots all over.  They looked weird, so I heat set them and thought hey, why not add mica powder to the dots for a little color and glimmer.  The mica stuck to everything and looked terrible, so I used a cloth to wipe it off.  The cloth was damp so it smeared everything all over and I mean everything.  So now we’re back to a purple glittery smeared background with nothing on it.  I should throw it out, but I’m NO QUITTER!  I took the Distress Oxides in pink and purple and tried to do the bokeh technique again.  Didn’t totally love it, so added some white bokeh circles as well.  I’m letting it dry overnight, but if this makes it to an actual card it may be a miracle.  I can’t believe I’m still working on it.  I should just throw it out and start with something new.  This is one bad pancake.

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