I really felt like I would get serious about making the cards to go with my alcohol backgrounds today, but just didn’t have any ambition.  I’m a little bit frustrated because it will be two weeks tomorrow, and my foot still swells a lot when I put it on the floor.  My antics yesterday with the alcohol inks, although loads of fun, made my foot almost impossible to get into a shoe today.

So instead of doing anything that I planned on doing, I took a nap and watched videos most of the day.  I have a rough life, I know it.

My new plan is to make sure I get serious about the video and the cards tomorrow.  Yes, it’s a plan, not a thought, an actual plan.  As in, “you can plan on it.”  Or, I’m planning on it.  Whichever, the point is, I am going to get serious and make some cards.  I have cards I need to send people as well, so need to do other videos for those too.   I am on it!

Tomorrow’s a whole new day.  Plan on it.

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