AliExpress Haul, Great Prices on Dies, Stamps, Crafty Things

One of my viewers, Sue, told me about this site and was really helpful in explaining the ins and outs to me.  The site is AliExpress
and they are based out of Japan so shipping takes a few weeks.  She said that sometimes you won’t find the sizes of dies, so be careful to ensure you research it.  Use Google to convert the cm and mm to inches, (for Americans) to truly understand sizes.

Here’s the conversion link in Google from cm to inches.

Sue also said to make sure you check shipping costs as most are free, but some will charge so watch for it.

She also said that the same die set might have several different prices, so check around on the site before buying.  This site is a lot like Amazon where several sellers might be selling the exact same stamp or die set.  You should check prices as they change often and don’t assume the first price you find is the best price.

I’ve bought several dies, stamps, stencils and embellishments on AliExpress and have been happy with the sizes of everything I’ve bought.

You’ll need to be patient when it comes to shipping, as most things take between 2-4 weeks to get.

The prices that I paid for the dies and stamps were all under $4, and the dies that I’ve used have worked perfectly.

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