Today is Mother’s Day but it also marks another milestone day for us.  My senior year in college, my older sister was pregnant with her first baby and we got a call (on a real telephone that connects into the wall.)  They were going to deliver the baby that morning, so Rich and I drove to Pittsburgh to witness the miracle of what was to become my first nephew.  Rich already had two nephews by his older brother, but this was the first time either of us was there to see a newborn and to worry about my sister and how she made it through surgery.  Mike was born on May 14, 1981, and was several weeks early, but in great shape considering my sister is a juvenile diabetic and had a lot of complications.
Mike has always been a really sweet, giving, honest man.  His dad was a doctor and Mike definitely did not want to follow in his father’s footsteps, so went to the Art Institute to be a product designer.  He did really well in school, but that’s an exceptionally hard industry to break into, so Mike spent some time not knowing exactly what he wanted to do with his life and ended up working in a hospital as a medical scribe.

Last year, he started nursing school and has been given a lot of accolades for his work ethic, his tenacity and grasp of the field.  Since my sister is also a nurse, medicine is literally in his blood.  He has been chosen by the professors in his nursing school to be the recipient of a really prestigious  scholarship, as well as the chance to work in his off-time at a VA hospital.  Since both of these opportunities are decided by the staff, they are especially impressive to us.

The best part about Mike though, is that fact that he’s a good and caring man.  One who isn’t afraid to tell his family that he loves them.  Someone that you would want to call a friend.  So although Mike is at the University of North Carolina today, Rich and I are taking a moment to celebrate him.  My Dad always sang “Captain Zoom” to Mike on his birthday, and after Dad’s death, I continued making the call.  His voice mail was full when I called today so I haven’t been able to sing to him, but if you don’t know the song, it goes like this.  “I’m Captain Zoom and I’ve come from the moon, singing Mikey, it’s your birthday today.”  (To make the song work, you can’t use the word Mike, as the word needs two syllables, therefore, Mikey instead of Mike.)

Happy birthday Mike, we’re so proud of you!


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