Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and although both Rich’s and my mother’s have passed away, Rich decided to celebrate with me today.  He loves to bake, so he made homemade hamburger buns that were awesome and made hamburgers on the grill.  I’m not really hard to please when it comes to anything on the grill, so it was the perfect meal.  You’re probably wondering why we celebrated a day early.  Tomorrow, his basketball team is playing in the afternoon and then Rich plays basketball every Sunday night, so he wouldn’t have time to make his rolls.  The day doesn’t matter to me, it’s the thought that counts.  No, we don’t have kids, but we do have three dogs who were ever so helpful in the kitchen.  If he dropped a scrap, they were there for clean up duty.  You can’t ask for more than that when you are a chef.  Clean up, aisle 1.

I needed to make a card for friends who lost their dog this week, and I have been wanting to make more cards with different folds.  I saw Gina K make a gatefold card with a twist and liked the idea, so made it.  It was so quick and easy, I was amazed.  Sometimes you forget that just by layering different papers, you can make a really lovely card.  I used ribbon and taught a sneaky bow technique for people like me who struggle making bows.  All in all, I’ve got some great videos in the hopper and now it’s up to Rich to get them online.  Yay, I’m ahead of the game again.  That’s a great feeling!


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