I was a crafting fool today.  Is there a term for someone who spends a really productive amount of time making cards?  If so, that’s what I did and that’s the term we should insert here.

I started by making a card using the birch tree die I bought from Aliexpress.  I wanted to use as many of the dies as I can on video, so people can see how they work.  I not only used the birch tress, but some rectangular dies and other shaped dies as well.  I showed how to layer dies on a card to create a border and then used the insides of the die cuts to create layers for the inside of the card.  All in all, the card really came out pretty well, considering the birch trees were really hard to work with and got tangled easily.

I made another card that I used two different alcohol ink backgrounds that I made the other day.  I used one to line the inside of the card and another I die cut into several feathers.  I glued the feathers to the first alcohol ink background then made a shaker card out of it.  All in all, I had a really successful day of making cards.  I know a lot of card makers can make fifty cards in a day, but I’m lucky to make a couple, as I try to make each card unique if I can.  If I can’t, then I probably could make several cards, but the most I’ve ever made in one day was fourteen.  Those were for the military and I created a stamp pad for a flag stamp and the cards were very basic, but very patriotic.  I hope the soldiers we send them to will appreciate them, or at least the effort.


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