I haven’t been out to any garage sales since my fall a few weeks ago, so today was the day.  My girlfriend and I went to several sales and I found a few things that really made me happy.  I found a really big guillotine paper trimmer (and I mean really big.)  I almost can’t reach the top where you line up the paper, it’s so big.  I only spent $4 on it, which really made me happy.  I tried it on cardstock before I bought it and it cut really well, so I wasn’t worried that I bought a paper cutter that wouldn’t really cut paper like so many of the old guillotines.  I’m not really sure how you sharpen the blade on them and didn’t really want to watch Rich attempt to sharpen the blade and cut half his arm off in the process.

I also found a nice sized stack of cork pieces that were probably 8″ long and 6″ wide.  They sold the whole stack for $1 and I didn’t think that too much considering there were at least twelve pieces in the stack.  I bought some 12″ x 12″ backsplash ceramic tiles that I thought I would turn into coasters to match my kitchen.

I also found some 8 x 10″ canvases that they were selling for $1 each and I’ve been wanting to try a cool paint pouring technique on canvases, so I probably won’t feel too terrible if I ruin a few when I only spent $1 on them.

Of course, I bought three baby stuffed toys that the dogs were exceptionally happy with.  I like the toys they make for babies over dog toys, because the toys they make for babies are really well made and seem to hold up longer than dog toys do.  They also don’t have any beans in them like beanie babies and don’t have glued on eyes for the dogs to swallow.  I recommend baby toys highly.  When I leave in the morning with my girlfriend, the dogs know I’ll be bringing home something that will make them happy.  After one garage sale trip, the dogs ran out to the car to greet us and didn’t see their presents right away, so Bella got into the trunk of her car and found a toy my friend had bought her granddaughter and stole it.  I don’t let them outside after a shopping trip now, I’ve learned my lesson.

I like to make the whole family happy, so found a bake sale and bought Rich german chocolate cookies and some sugar cookies for me.  (I need a treat too!)  All in all, it was a good day for garage sales and now I need to put my foot up as it took a beating.



2 thoughts on “5/19/2017

  1. German chocolate cookies? I would’ve been happy too! One of my favorites. The story about Bella is so funny. Now that I’ve met your dogs, I can just picture it!


  2. Rich just ate the last one today…He’s really been saving them for when he needs a big chocolate fix. As for Bella, she needs to be certain that she’s not overlooked (as you know she always feels slighted.) I bought some big Angry Birds that were stuffed balls and both Bella and Honey fight over them, even though there are two of them. Aggie can’t see them, so hasn’t cared about toys this year, which makes me sad.


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